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Paranormal Reporting Database
[ www.paradb.org | paradb.sourceforge.net ]

[ 2010.11.08 ] Space Weather Archive
The Space Weather Archive used by ParaDB was not updating properly for the months of 11/2009 t 10/2010. I've since fixed the issue and should have data for the missing months.

[ 2007.08.24 ] ParaDB version 0.2.0 Released! [ Download | Release Notes ]
I'm pleased to announce the release of ParaDB v0.2.0. This is a maintenance/bugfix release with a couple feature additions. The complete changelog can be found in the Release Notes.

[ 2007.05.14 ] ParaDB version 0.1.0 Released! [ Download | Release Notes ]
I'm pleased to announce the first public release of ParaDB, the paranormal reporting database! ParaDB is free software licensed under the GNU GPL.

About ParaDB

ParaDB is a web-based PHP/MySQL application designed for use by ghost hunting and paranormal research organizations. The software consists of a web-based interface for case management, client relations and investigation reporting. As the name implies, all data is stored in a back-end database, allowing one to easily access, search for, and correlate data.

ParaDB has been primarily tested on Linux-based servers and web-hosting providers running Apache, PHP and MySQL - but may also run on other server platforms such as Microsoft Windows.


The ParaDB software is case oriented. That is, case managers can create cases, to which all investigators and their reports are linked. Each case, then, represents a single investigation or walkthrough. After a case is created, the case manager may then add investigators to the case. Once added to a case, each investigator is then able complete and publish a report documenting their findings after the investigation. And finally, once the report is published other investigators are then able to read and review the report.

In designing and building the software, a fair amount of thought was put into creating a simple, yet functional user interface. Simple tasks such as publishing a report, or slighly more complex tasks such as listing all the cases and reports for a particular user, can be accomplished with just a couple clicks.

By integrating the AGHOST Reporting Database with our Space Weather Archive developed earlier this year by AGHOST, we are also able to automatically collect space weather and moon phase data into the report on the fly. This data can now be automatically linked to the report, so that investigators are no longer required to manually obtain this information before or after the investigation.

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